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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Archangel Michael

Since Izmud was the first to ever solicit an input for posting, I’ll do him the honor of having first dibs on posting to the resurrected Vita ab Alto. Way back in Feb He wrote:

I had to comment on your lines: "I often get in “kill them all, let God sort them out” moods..., but I am always eventually pulled back ...only He forgives and loves entirely."

For a man who prides himself on independent thinking I would rather consider you more like Michael the Internet Arch Angel, sweeping the electronic Heavens free of the demonic with your flaming blade, driving the Lucifers to their eternal punishment, slaying the dragons from the pit, and being a general all-around Old Testament verbal bad-ass rather than the born-again, turn-the-other-cheek kind of modern Christian. After all, you are a bomber pilot for cripes sake! Not some pansy intel officer! :-)

Good luck on this venture--I've thought you should do it for along time.

Hmm. Hmmmmmm....

Something like this?

Naw…too traditional.

Perhaps this?

Oh, hell no! Way too pimply-gay-teen-obsessed-with-D&D…

Maybe this is what you had in mind?

No ... it has a disturbing Aryan Nations vibe ... (it'll scare the liberals ...)

But no…I’m not Michael; I’m just a humble Monk. I’ll slay what dragons I can and will doubtless sling around enough verbal bad-assery for anyone’s taste, but that’s not ultimately what we’re called to be. Turning the other cheek requires a lot more courage than taking up a sword. When you realize this, Grasshopper, you will many steps down the road to wisdom…



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