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Friday, May 06, 2005

The Anglosphere Has Spoken

Voters throughout the English-speaking world have held the final phase of an implicit referendum on the Global War on .... uh ... Terror. Tony Blair has won a remarkable third term in office, albeit with a reduced majority.

A reader of Glenn Reynold's Instapundit puts things in proper perspective:

The world (English speaking world at least) has spoken:

John Howard

George Bush

Tony Blair

Seems to me those that oppose Iraq are in the clear minority, at least on the one particular topic of the war in Iraq.

Yep. None of these guys were elected based on their domestic agendas, as Labor's--excuse me, "Labour's"--reduced majority betokens. No Child Left Behind? Gimme a break! Social Security reform? Shyeah! If a Democrat had (tried) to implement the Patriot Act, I would have taken up my Kalashnikov and hit the streets. (Might still have to next time we elect a leftist.) And what have Blair and Howard even done domestically? I sure haven't heard of anything.

So. Referendum on the war. They're fer it. The clear majority in the World's two most important countries (and 36% in PomLand) like it just fine--or at least acknowledge that it was necessary and that we must win it, which the public in three countries also implicitly says the rough collection of socialists, moonbats, panty-waists, islam-loving goons, and assorted other tinfoil-hat types that represent the people-pandering, pork-spewing Opposition Parties would be unable to do.

'Nuf said.


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