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Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Well, Chefjef has been flamed, but not by skinheads (as predicted in this post from yesterday). It seems that some of the fine, upstanding citizens in our fair burg became incensed at what they regarded as his brutal excesses and complained to our rather liberal Police Department administration:

Yes, you're ahead of me. I can't wait to get my first skinhead fanmail. Still, I sympathize with you. Today I was a "victim' of liberal influence. I'll explain.

A couple of weeks ago, I arrested a 17 year old male - after a foot pursuit and slight struggle - for possession of marijuana and cocaine (in quantites large enough to sell). Well, the disgruntled youth came to headquarters (why is he free? --couldn't tell ya') today and filed a complaint against me. He accused me of throwing him down and stealing his money and his drugs (yes, he admitted having dope on him). Of course, I took pictures of his dope and large quantity of cash and impounded them into evidence, had paramedics respond to the scene to treat his wounds, etc.,
obtained warrants for his arrest and put him jail. Did I mention he has prior convictions for Assault and Narcotics Distribution? Okay, so what was the Department's response? Internal Affairs investigation of yours truly . Not a fun thing at all. It'll take a few weeks, too.

After receiving this cool news, I hit the streets today, and within an hour arrested a guy - who detectives were looking for - with a felony warrant for cocaine possession (I staked out his mom's house at lunch-time and he stupidly showed-up). Afterwards, I stopped into a store in the "ghetto" - where I work - for some water. A couple of "crack" addicts/prostitutes stopped me and said "you sure are cute - are you American?" I said "of course I'm American." They said, "well, you look like one of them Hispanics." I said "Hmm, you like like a crack head." They called and complained. Yes, I got in trouble; twice in three hours.

In the previous, Republican adminstration, police officers were treated with at least a modicum of respect as professionals. In THIS administration, it seems we're always the bad guy and afforded no trust at all.


Laugh out loud! (Or 'heh,' as the ever-effusive Glenn Reynolds would say.) That last remark of yours might have been worth the trouble it caused you. And we all think you're pretty cute too. Still...

"Conservative: A liberal who has been mugged by reality." --Anonymous

For me, it was the response to a disgruntled student in high school putting LSD in a teacher's coffee. No one called the police. The leftist administrators of the school I attended convened a student assembly and had it vote on the miscreant's punishment: three days suspension. I heard the teacher still had flashbacks years later. I saw liberalism in action. That marked the beginning of my conversion.

Chefjef, before you know it, you'll be calling Grover Norquist a pansy! But before that, there is something that the loyal reader-and-writership of Vita ab Alto (several strong!) must do for you:

**********READERS PLEASE TAKE NOTE***********

I hereby announce creation of the Free Chefjef Fund, a charitable organization dedicated to opposing the persecution of our beloved correspondent by any means necessary and to helping victims of citizen brutality against the police in general. Contributions of cash (unmarked bills, no larger than 20s, please), pork (Fat Boys B-B-Q preferred), or lard (five-gallon cans or smaller) can be left on the stoop of Monk Manor, 1Adam69 J. Edgar Blvd, Hoover AL 51895.

Fight the Power! No justice, no peace! FREE CHEFJEF!


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