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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Izmud Checks In

Correspondent Izmud hasn't been heard from in awhile because he's, y'know...actually been working for a living & stuff.... He weighs in on our ongoing "suffer not a traitor to live" theme:

Howdy all--haven't checked in with you in a while--mea culpa, maxima mea culpa. I must say that the incredible and growing vehemence of the Lunatic Left you've depicted here and seen elsewhere (did you see old Jane Commie Fonda is now out against the war?) is scary. However, there are those of us prepared to take as much direct action in response to theirs, as is required, to ensure the safety and security of our nation, not to mention our friends and family. No one is going to burn flags under cars in my neighborhood, or march with a banner like that through my neighborhood without getting some rather strong counterpoint from me.

Working at the Pentagon is rather amusing at times because we have our monthly show of protestors--sometimes only 2 or 3, other times 10-15. Now that I'm not in uniform I feel quite free to go up to them and tell them what small minded or deluded people they are, and how ridiculous most of their banners really are. Quite a liberating feeling actually, especially when they are young women who are not used to people talking frankly to them. The Socratic Method is also useful in this situation, leading them down the path.

Monk--love the new flag overlay--where's the Aussie part?

PS: I'd like to contribute to the legal defense fund for any UC student who "frags" a certain UC Professor. Any others?


Great to hear from you, bro. Let's start at the end, shall we?

- No...keep them around. They're doing too much damage to their own cause right now for us to want them to suddenly become sane, decent citizens. If anyone on our side actually gets fragged, of course, then the gloves come off...

- I found the flag online and pasted it in. Just haven't found one with the Auzzie part yet. Perhaps I'll build one--shouldn't be that hard. "Battle Standard of the Angloshpere." I like it!

- Back when I was but a lil' tyke and my Mom worked in the Pentagon, protesters were a fixture, even during Democratic administrations. They were always the same people, too. I spent a lot of time in the building back then and came to recognize them individually. Most were members of groups like Fr. Philip Berrigan's Atlantic Life Commune (still in existence as the "Atlantic Life Community" and apparently still protesting at the Pentagon). They'd come, shout at people walking to work on the concourse, work themselves up to a blood-throwing dénouement, get arrested, and be back in Baltimore by sunset. The Pentagon guards knew many of them on a first-name basis. (Those were innocent times: there was a bus terminal underneath the entire southern part of the building that disgorged onto the concourse, which at that time was completely open to the public. Protestors had free reign there. Only the threat of islamic terrorism in the late 70s led to closure of the bus lanes.)

The Pentagon wouldn't be the Pentagon without the fringe-group protesters. Impwob, Red Leader: any good anecdotes from "back in the day?"

I'm very happy to hear that you're engaging them with the truth. Go get em', Socrates!

- You have the right solution to antiwar a$$hattery, I think: confront them forcefully (not violently except in self-defense, of course) with the truth everywhere you encounter them. The implication of force--making it clear that escalation on their part will be met with greater force--is expected and condoned. I too am ready to take whatever action is necessary, however, to see that this country does not turn back into the Birkenstocked-and-Beatled Vet-trashing Hippie Heaven it was in the 70s.



- Izmud's Hanoi Jane comment refers to her recent proclamation that she would return to political life ("it's ALIVE!!") to protest the war:

Jane Fonda is ready to exercise her political beliefs once again. The actress announced her plans to embark on a cross-country roadtrip to protest the war in Iraq...

"I've decided I'm coming out," she told the audience members, hundreds of whom cheered in support.

This time around, Fonda will be traveling aboard a vegetable oil-powered bus, accompanied by her daughter and the families of Iraq war veterans.

Love the Magical Mystery Tour bus idea! Safflower Power, Baby! Yeah!!

The reaction to her is a bit different this time around, however:

In April, one veteran decided to remind Fonda that he hadn't forgiven or forgotten the incident by waiting in line for hours at a Kansas City book signing for the sole purpose of spitting a mouthful of tobacco juice in her face.

Another veteran made his anti-Fonda stance clear in May, when he refused to screen Monster-in-Law at either of the two movie theaters he owns in Kentucky.

Paybacks are hell, Jane. To borrow a page from the typical Western imam's media talking points, "I cannot condone such violence, BUT certainly one can understand the conditions that led to it..." Should she come my way, I'll borrow a page from Archduke Mikhail Romanov, who, when Rasputin asked to visit Tsar Nikolai at his forward military headquarters in late 1915, replied, "do come. I'll hang you."

I was preparing a post I tentatively called "Shite-stank, Maggie, & Jane" that discussed some of the latest developments in the Fever Swamp, including HJ's "coming out" and some hilarious (and Hillary-ous?) bourkha-clad musings from America's favorite terrorist lover, Lil' Maggie Cho, who visited Egypt recently. The post, however, was too full of gall and rancor even for me. I must restrain myself, as the Right Reverend Nolan Dynamite reminds me here. More on both Maggie and Nolan soon.


: Howard Kurtz of the WaPo, one of the Establishment Left's more reliable stooges, foams at the mouth about right-side bloggers' reaction to Jane's "coming out" here. The article is wearily predictable, but does link to Tigerhawk's wonderful new name for Barbarella:

"Jihad Jane."

Love it! Don't know why I didn't think of it. That is how she shall be known henceforth. So let it be written; so let it be done.

And while we're on the subject of wonderful new names, what price this one (from Lileks):

There’s a paragraph that will show up, read in a nasally voice by some ichabodnik on that documentary. (An “ichabodnik” is a thin, unattractive humoreless lefty nut. Just made the word up. Feel free to submit righty versions.)

Outstanding! A perfect name! You know the type:

Now all we need is a likewise-perfect name for those leftists on the other end of the morphology scale. For illustration purposes, here is the female:

And the male:

And here are both morphological types side by side, for anatomical comparison:

Birkensloths? Corpuleftists? Red (or Yellow, or Pink) Walruses? Terror-Tubbies? I leave it to you, gentle readers, to come up with that perfect name. A one year free subscription to Vita ab Alto for the winner!

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