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Friday, November 11, 2005

Dispersity and the Burning of Paris

As I mentioned the other day, the mainstream media has given you your instructions on what you are permitted to think about the violent events unfolding in France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, and Denmark. You are to regard the widespread rioting as the grumblings of “disaffected youth,” provoked by “poverty” and “racial prejudice.” These riots are “France’s Watts.” The WaPo, true to form, features the MSM’s most fawning bit of nostalgie de la boue. Deputy Assistant Under-Minister for International Affairs at the Ministry of Truth (Washington Dept), Molly Moore, in “Rage of French Youth Is a Fight for Recognition:”

[The rioters] are the children of baggage handlers at nearby Charles de Gaulle International Airport and cleaners at the local schools.

"It's not a political revolution or a Muslim revolution," said Rezzoug. "There's a lot of rage. Through this burning, they're saying, 'I exist, I'm here.' "
As they read local newspaper accounts of their previous night's exploits, they began discussing Saturday night's plans with more of an air of boredom than a commitment to a cause.
"We don't have the American dream here," said Rezzoug, as he surveyed the clusters of young men. "We don't even have the French dream here."

They are Just misunderstood young proles, essentially no different than the Sharks and Jets in West Side Story and their “grievances” are just the voice of the oppressed yearning for social justice.

That is what the Liberal Establishment wants you to think.

What we have in fact is Multiculturalism meets Nemesis – an implacably hostile, unassimilable alien presence, bent ultimately on subjugating it. France has met the Borg.

Several days ago, The Marine, on Austin Bay's blog, nailed it:

…As I watch events unfold in France, I cannot help but feel I am watching in living color the modern version of France’s “reign of terror.” It will be interesting to see if the French can save themselves…The fireworks are impressive if not cautionary on many levels. Modern Multiculturalism & Political Correctness are in every respect the tools of a Socialist/Progressive Design to devastate the very foundations of Western classic liberalism, democracy, liberty & civil Government (See J.S. Mill, J. Locke, J Berkeley, T. Jefferson, T. Paine, J. Madison & A. Hamilton).

A heterogeneous society (especially one premised on individual liberty and democratic freedom) demands a degree of acceptance & assimilation by those who seek its sanctuary. The extent to which a society so devoted promotes the balkanization of its own population, it contributes to its own demise. The truth and beauty of the Melting Pot cannot be denied in favor of some pop culture pseudo social science…

Steven Den Beste has an appropriate take on the origins: a number of factors converged to produce this disaster, but Islamic culture and ideology are certainly not least among them. The Marine and Den Beste have seen through to the crux of the matter: that sacrament of the modern secular materialist religion, multiculturalism, more highly (if hypocritically) touted in France than anywhere else, has created the context for its own destruction.

The truth behind The Cult of Multi that the left has foisted on us – and which lately chewed up French property at the rate of one thousand Metropolitains' cars a night – is capture very well by Tom Wolfe in I Am Charlotte Simmons. A college friend of the title character describes her experience with "diversity" at NC State:

"At State, everybody calls diversity dispersity. What happens is, everybody has their own clubs, their own signs, their own sections where they all sit in the dining hall – all the African-Americans are over there?….and all the Asians sit over't these other tables? – except for the Koreans? – because they don't get along with the Japanese, so they sit way over there? Everybody's dispersed into their own little groups – and everybody's told to distrust everybody else? Everybody's told that everybody else is trying to screw them over -- oops!" Laurie pulled a face and put her fingertips over her lips – "I'm sorry!" She rolled her eyes and smiled. "Anyway, the idea is, every other group is like prejudiced against your group, and no matter what they say, they're out to take advantage of you, and you should have nothing to do with them – unless you're white, in which case all the others are not prejudiced against you, they’re like totally right, because you really are racist and everything, even if you don't know it? Everybody ends up dispersed into their own turtle shells, suspicious of everybody else and being careful not to fraternize with them."

Wolfe is on the mark here (although not elsewhere). In IASS, he may somewhat overstate the depravity of the Ivy League campus, but he certainly nails multiculti dead on. I recall its manifestations (infestations?) myself from my own now-quarter-century-old college experiences on three campuses. Things are only worse today.

This is so alien to my own experience in the US military, where a true, melting-pot diversity actually exists because diverse groups are united by common cause, that it seems like another nation; perhaps another planet. Certainly it's another culture – one alien and inferior to the one I represent.

Inferior!? Oh, what a politically incorrect word! How dare I?

Why "inferior?" Because multiculti doesn't lead to the melting pot; it leads to balkanization, disassociation, and – eventually, in the extreme cases, as we see with Europe's muslim population today – to cultural warfare. A "melting pot" is created only when members of disparate groups buy into a common vision (and thus learn to tolerate differences for sake of the greater good). The idea of the United States of America still inspires enough to convert those who want to get ahead, despite its increasingly desperate welfare-dependent subcultures and the best efforts of Bluestaters, liberals, and Democratic Priests of the Multicult to subvert it and destroy its unique and visionary culture. Multiculturalists do not believe in a common good: they believe in a “fruit salad” of morally equal groupings, not a melting pot where all the parts are equally rendered to make a stew that is better and stronger than any of the parts by themselves are. (My wife was literally taught this meme in California schools in the 1980s).

A generation and a half of American youth have now grown up being force-fed this ideology, which was thought up in part expressly to weaken the idea of the nation and its apotheosis, America – a nation that is an idea and an ideal, not an ethnic group or a piece of land.


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