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Monday, May 01, 2006

Radical, Part 1

This blog, despite its being breathtakingly beautiful to behold and sparkling in its online brilliance, has failed to develop much of an audience beyond a few highly disturbed souls in Prattvegas, Auburn, Spanish Fort, and and the greater Washington DC metroplex. It's time to break free and cast loose the chains.

I therefore propose something radical: That this country would be better served by presidents and representatives from a third political party who presented a clear alternative to both Democans and Republicrats. Both are parties of Big Government and the Washington Establishment. They may quarrel with our corrupt press and our equally base corporate leadership, but the real relationships are loving and tender. And this has led to a political climate in which the voices and concerns of average citizens are ignored or laughed at. We, as ordinary Americans, should feel like the colonists did on the verge of the Revolution: preyed upon and unrepresented. A third party -- a Bull Moose or progressive party -- might alleviate some of this problem. Ultimately, there is no political solution -- only a spiritual one -- but one can hope to offer better choices than either party does today, or at least pick the best policies from both parties and form them into a platform that offers them all in one place.

So consider this a manifesto of sorts. I don't know what to call such a party, but I do have a proposal for the first of platform plank:

1. Be it resolved: The President should should give Congress an ultimatum: either give the executive line item veto authority or veto every bill that contains a "special funding request." Last year there were 12,852 such requests, totalling $67 billion. Bring government to a halt until it can get spending under control. The President should make a firm commitment to live within a stated, reasonable budget or face impeachment. Any representatives from this third party should be elected contingent upon his or her willingness to move for impeachment if the President fails to live within the budget Congress approves.

Discuss. Talk amongst yourselves.


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