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Monday, April 02, 2007

God Has a Sense of Humor, Part 20,070,402

God has proven to me that he has a sense of humor more times than I can count.

One of the most notable examples for me was when The KANH and I vowed we'd NEVER return to Alabama (and weren't we glad to be out of that place). We not only returned, I retired in Alabama, work in Alabama, and have chosen to cast what's left of my fate there (although at least one of my kids wants to go to school in Tennessee -- her maternal grandfather would be proud).

The latest example of God's sense of humor regards the lefty but perceptive military analyst Bill Arkin. I have been one of the select few chosen to review and comment on drafts of a book Arkin is working on for the Air Force. It details Israel's recent campaign in Lebanon -- one that has plenty of "lessons learned" (read: mistakes) for airpower practioners to learn from. I hope Arkin doesn't read my blog. (Highly unlikely.....era-ending asteroid hitting the earth in the next five minutes unlikely, fortunately.)

Even more to the point regarding God's Sense of Humor: the book so far is perceptive and very well written. It's critical of airpower -- and my inputs will only make it more so -- but I am compelled to like it. More on the specifics later, when I can comment.

Still, I have to just shake my head and smile.


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