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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Eeevil...As in the Froo-its of the Deh-villle

Have I mentioned today yet that Bill Gates is a squamous, dripping horror blown straight from Satan's colon and that Windows--in all its verminous incarnations--is a Stygian uncleanliness, foul beyond description, spoor of the Pit, and festooned with a moist evil?

Well, it's that time.

I am trying to type a simple numbered outline in a book I'm writing. That's all. Something any basic typewriter (even the Democrats' much favored IBM Selectric) wouldn't give me trouble with. But I can't. MS Word won't let me. It keeps telling me that it knows what I want better than I do. It keeps inserting mis-numbered bullets with funked-up indentation. And the misnumbering and mis-indenting is genuinely, and I must assume mendaciously, perverse. I must go through this part of the document pixel. By. Pixel. And. Tell. Word. Exactly. Where. I. Want. Each. Character. After half of all the carriage returns, Word disobliginely reformats a paragraph or two. Just for fun. I tried turning off the numbered list function and Word reformatted my whole one hundred sixty four page book, turning off all bullets and numbered lists.

This. Is. A. Monstrous. Pain. In. The. Arse.

We hates it precious. Yes we does.

So...what do you hate most about Word / Office / Windows / Gates? Let us know...


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