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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The Rove Conspiracy: Caught On Tape!

The jig is up! We've been caught! The Left is now on to us and I, for one, am ashamed...

Several days ago, Rep Maurice Hinchey...[/cue "some people call me 'Maur-rrrrice'-whoop whoop" sound bite from Steve Miller's "Space Cowboy"/] (D -NY), Tireless Champion of the People, claimed that the Eeevil Karl Rove eeevilly planted the faked National Guard memos that cost half the CBS News staff their jobs and is forcing Dapper Dan Rather into early retirement. Most dismissed this as merest tinfoilhattery and idiotarianism. Hinchey persisted, however, even in the face of a right-wing blog-storm undoubtedly stirred up at Rove's behest.

Shockingly, it seems Hinchey was right. A disgruntled White House inner operative secretly recorded Rove's instructions to his evil minions and leaked the tape to Aussie blogger Tim Blair. The transcript is a must-read.

This changes my mind about a lot of things. I had no idea Rove worked directly for Satan. I was also unaware that Clarence Thomas, Ann Coulter, and Hugh Hewitt are his paid lackeys and that there actually IS an Evil Rove World Headquarters buried deep beneath Washington's unsuspecting and benignly public-minded streets.

It's true though. All true. I must reexamine things....
I must go fold some tinfoil...

I think we all owe a big debt of gratitude to Rep Hinchey. I'd like all VaA readers and correspondents to give a warm round of applause to America's newest, bestest buddy and big toe, Maur-rrrice.


Update: Schneikies! The truth is even deeper and crookeder than I realized!

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