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Monday, February 14, 2005

Teppichfressungen In Our Schools

A young product of BlueState America’s education system was awarded a state art prize last week for a school project that equated W to everyone’s favorite Teppichfresser (carpet-chewer).

Jeffrey Eden, 17, insisted he was trying to make comparisons between the U.S.-led war in Iraq and the German blitzkrieg without actually equating Hitler to Bush, the Providence Journal reported.

But his piece, titled "Bush/Hitler and How History Repeats Itself," immediately prompted a complaint after it was displayed at a store with other winners of the Rhode Island Scholastic Art Awards.
Check out the picture. Lovely.

Color me surprised, but I can’t think why I should be. This sort of thing was only a matter of time. I don’t fault the young man—although it would be satisfying if we still had press gangs and could “induct” him into the Marines and send him to Al-Anbar Province to experience a slice of life as it really is outside the Great American Parentheses. No, I fault his teachers, school administrators, and everyone else involved in the Rhode Island Scholastic Art Awards program. Undoubtedly, they didn’t think twice about propagating this treasonous calumny. The kid was just cutely aping what they’d all taught him for years. This is just another symptom of the moral bankruptcy of many of our school systems that ChefJef wrote of a few days ago. (Update: Mark Steyn has further good thoughts here.)

It seems to me today's Teppichfresseren are the Lefts. Commentators are pointing out how things like this go hand in hand with things like the Eason Jordan scandal. These folks are preaching to the choir and that’s all they know how to do. Unfortunately for the Left, that’s probably all they’ll ever know how to do. This type of thinking has been entrenched for a long time—take film critic Pauline Kael’s remark back in 1980: “I don’t know how Reagan won—I don’t know anyone who voted for him.”

One listener on Bill Bennett’s program this morning was right to point out how such things may have gone on unnoticed for a long time, but have recently been brought under scrutiny by indymedia like talk radio and the blogs. The era in which this sort of thing could be propagated without others noticing is over. Predictably, those whose rocks have been turned over are already crying “McCarthyism.” (Update: More of same here.)

(BTW, my twelve-year-old daughter put together a more professional looking presentation in a day. I guess they’re too busy teaching political correctness in RI to actually teach “art.”)


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