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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Congrats, Reverend!

Service of Ordination, at the lovely Dauphin Way UMC

Heartfelt congratulations to Nolan Donald upon his full ordination as elder this past Tuesday evening!

Nolan is one of the finest young ministers we've ever known and is an Official Friend of Vita ab Alto (that is, one of the very few we've been able to sucker into linking to us...)

Nolan (right) with our local Resident Bishop,
the aptly-named Larry Goodpaster

Nolan is Worship and Outreach Minister at Spanish Fort United Methodist Church. Despite that, the church is very well thought of. I know the location must be a hardship: on the nice side of Mobile Bay--down at the beach*--and which, I was carefully admonished yesterday, is in Alabama, not Florida. Nolan did truly great things at our church and now is furthering God's work down in sandier climes.

The United Methodist ordination process seems very long and convoluted. I 'm glad it made sense to John Wesley, 'cause it sure don't to me. Nonetheless, I know it was a long, tough row to hoe, buddy, and we're all very proud of you!

We're also very proud of another FUMC P'ville ministerial alumnus, Gail Baughman, who was also ordained at this ceremony. Know you don't have a blog, Gail, but if you read this, we'd love to hear from you! Congrats!

Rev Nolan, former FUMC pastor Rev Gorman Huston, and Rev Gail (right)

Monk & the Entire Staff at Vita ab Alto

*Actually, it may be a hardship this weekend if TS Arlene stays on her present course. Prayers for Weather Clemency gratefully accepted.

Update: Prayers answered. Thanks & Praise!

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