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Friday, July 01, 2005

The Clue Light Comes On...Dimly

This London Times interview with President Bush is interesting in its enitrety, but here is the soul of the matter--and the "money quote:"

In person Mr Bush is so far removed from the caricature of the dim, war-mongering Texas cowboy of global popular repute that it shakes one’s faith in the reliability of the modern media.

Bush not a fascist monster? Ya think? Hmmmm....if that's not true, might there be other articles of leftist faith--many perpetuated by that same media, especially venues like the Beeb--that aren't true? Socialism...not the best system ever? Fascism...not the governing principle of the US government (when republicans are in office)? The UN...not the cure to all international ills? The US...not the greatest threat to world peace and security? Moral relativism...not the best way to run society and raise our kids? Naw....can't be! Best not to think about it........


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