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Thursday, May 04, 2006

It Was Only a Matter of Time, Part ???

From laws endorsing homosexual marriage to the "real" lives of Orange County housewives, it was only a matter of time before polygamy reared its head as the next wave of "alternative lifestyles." KLo at the Corner passes on the scoop:

"In these households, as surely as in those of hard-charging careerist mommies, gone is the patient, attentive, supportive emotional rock of the family—the kind of woman whose principle job was to make sure that her kids, her husband, and her home were all running smoothly ... It is into this breach that an extra wife could step. Better still, since the kind of multi-spouse arrangement I'm envisioning isn't about maximizing the number of offspring, one could just as easily have a household with two husbands. Indeed, the key to this brand of polygamy would be to make clear up front that the second-spouse slot was for a woman or man specifically not interested in procreating. Where would be the labor savings in having two full families' worth of kids without two full families' worth of parents?"

On an opposite tack, I have watched "Jonathan" on BlowOut, wondering all the while if guys getting ready to go on convoy in Baghdad or Khandahar were able to see how much "stress" was involved in a QVC appearance (not that there's any polygamy there--just metrosexualism). I bet they nearly had "heart attacks" too, worrying about how tough it would be blow dry someone's hair on national television.

Hope this post doesn't offend my Mormon friends. The family I know best, however, couldn't handle more woman than it already has. Right, onesouthernbelle?

How long before the next reality series: Real Men and the Sheep that Are Afraid of Them? Filmed in Ireland and Scotland, of course.

Is it any wonder that conservative muslims hate us? We provide them the rope they'll hang us with.


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