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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

California Blogging

Fans of Vita ab Alto (both of you!) may have wondered about the dearth of posting of late. The following pictures will help explain. Disneyland first:

On the way into Disney: Mom, the Monkettes, cousin Noah

The eldest Monkette escorts her youngest cousin, who dresses after the fashion of her heroine, Cinderella

The Monk family and Cinderella meet Minnie

Yosemite half dome1
After Disney came Yosemite. Here's Halfdome from Glacier Point, taken by the eldest Monkette

yosemite falls 1
The falls were fuller than anyone has seen in recent memory

The runoff from Bridal Veil falls

yosemite cell phone
The eldest Monkette discovered that she had cel reception at the top of Glacier Peak, so she called all her friends while Cousin Noah and the youngest Monkette looked on

yosemite view
The youngest Monkette takes in the view. She's a budding photographer.

The valley floor

yosemite snow1
The cousins fight it out on the snow still covering meadows near Glacier Point

Anyway, that's what we've been up to lately. More blogging soon.


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