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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A REALLY GOOD Christian Carnival!

Okay, I'm not late in posting this for once -- mainly because it's a really good one. It's up at From the Anchor Hold, a blog I've begun reading after several good referrals from other blogs.

Okay again, I'm just writing that this CC is special because I have a post in it. Yes, after long hiatus, I am finally submitting to some other venues again.

Those who read this blog regularly (both of you!) will already have seen the conversation between me and correspondent Izmud, but perhaps some other readers will weigh in on this topic now. It's one of great interest to me.

There is more to like than just my sterling prose, however. I would have liked to have read Adam's Blog on the gunpoint conversion of two journalists last week, but Adam has his spam filter set to block any referring links. Umm....kinda defeats the purpose of posting, bro...

Thanks to Diane at Crossroads, I now know what theological niche I fit into: I'm an Arvinianist. That's one who holds to some elements of TULIP Calvinism / Baptism as well as some of the doctrines of Armininius / Methodism. I still heartily believe in the T in TULIP, for example: total depravity. I don't know how anyone can look around the world (or just the morning paper) an not be convinced that mankind is uttterly damned without God's call to grace. On the other hand, I also believe wholeheartedly in conditional election, unlimited atonement, and resistable grace. I believe belief is a constant conversation with God; sometimes He takes a more TULIPish stance toward us, but ultimately I think He allows those who consciously reject Him to go the their fate. Does it really matter? I don't think Jesus checks our doctrine at the gate. His was are inscrutable and we will never know in this life why some called will come and others will not and thus whom He will choose as His own. I do believe He wants us all, however, and is heartbroken over everyone who resists His grace. Anyway, read the whole post for more of the story...

For those who may wind up here due to the CC link, I apologize for the light, sporadic blogging. I am heavily into the editing phase of the latest book I'm working on (Department of Defense Joint Targeting, if you must know) and just haven't had much time for recreational writing. It's good to get back into a CC.

Cheers all,


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