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Friday, August 11, 2006

An Interesting Year In Politics

I have no idea what November will bring. The Republicans could lose the House; moonbat Democrat activists could alienate the center even wind up losing ground. This year's results are anyone's to guess.

Two very interesting things have happened already. I'm not sure if they portend anything; they seem to be contradictory indicators.

The first is that the fellow in faux-blackface, one of the Senate's most reliable socially liberal voters, lost the Democratic primary to a dillatante leftist because he isn't wobbly in his support for the War on Jihad.

The picture was concocted by another leftist dilletante who came all the way from Hollywood to work for Joe Lieberman's Connecticut opponent. If any Republican used blackface to malign a candidate, heads would explode in the mainstream media and Democrats would call for Senate show trials (followed by public hangings).

Joe vows to run as an independent and may very well win. Regardless, the race (no pun intended) will be entertaining.

The other interesting development is that America's favorite Jew-baiting, muslim-loving, professional race-card player and scourge of the Capitol police, Cynthia McKinney, lost her primary bid. A pitty that. I would love to see more of McKinney, as should any Republican. Does her loss betoken a move back toward the center? Joe L's loss, seemingly the bigger of the two news items, betokens just the opposite.

No telling what any of it means. This is and will remain an interesting year in politics.


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