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Monday, October 16, 2006

Earthquakes! Nukes!

I knew somehow that the quakes in Hawaii were Dubya Chimpler's fault! Now Daily Kos has the proof:

Whenever you blow up stuff deep underground, you run the risk of forcing the tectonic plates to shift.

Recall how there were no nukes in North Korea under Clinton, when the adults were in charge of foreign policy. I hope that Hawaii residents can put two and two together and vote Democratic because the GOP's idiotic mishandling of North Korea is a clear and pleasant danger. Heh, the smoking gun just fired, Dee-dee-dees!

GWB's hard-on for more war and instability in the Middle East (the successful results of his conscious actions and inaction) have led to a world that is less safe in myriad ways.

Dat ol' debbil Dubya, he be up to his ol' tricks again.


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