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Thursday, October 05, 2006

A Quiet Day

Well, the rally to RID THE WORLD OF BUSH THE NAZI CHIMPLER- GIBBON AND HIS CABAL OF EVIL OIL MAGNATES AND WALL-MART MANAGERS!!!! fizzled. Organizers probably got buzzed the night before and decided to stay in bed until noonish. By then, they just didn't have the energy to really get worked up.

Besides, Dubya-Macaque's close buddy, Pat Robertson, had probably planned to turn on the wind machines and deploy levy-levelling explosives, and usher in another Katrina. (The KKKristian right controls the weather, you know, through secret CIA programs they stole from the real muslim inventors, leaving no copies behind.) Many causes for the modern left are worthy of costing the lives of others, but few are worth dying for themselves. They stayed home apparently.


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