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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

It Depends On What the Meaning of the Word 'If' Is

At the risk of giving over entirely to glurge on this issue, I reproduce another excellent thought piece in its entirety. It puts things in appropriate perspective:


If Terry Schiavo had only starred in "Superwoman", we'd find a way not to kill her.

If she were a corporation, we'd indict the Chief Financial Officer--her HINO (husband-in-name-only).

If she were a killer, she'd be protected under the supreme court's ban on executing the retarded.

If she were a terrorist, Teddy Kennedy would be making blistering speeches on the Senate floor condemning her torture-by-starvation.

If she were a teen-aged murderer, she'd be spared execution under the 'Cruel & Unusual' clause.

If she were Scott Peterson, she'd get an automatic appeal...and 20 more years of life.

If she were a beached dolphin, we'd demand not just her feeding, but that heroic measures be taken.

If she were in Guantanamo, we'd see to it that she had appropriate meals and medical care.

If she were on another Death Row, her parents and her priest would be allowed visitation.

If she were the truly brain-dead Ward Churchill, we'd riot at the attempt to silence her.

If we do this, then let's Free Dr. Kevorkian; he's in jail for less.

If she were Nicole Brown Simpson, would we let OJ and the 9th Circuit decide her fate? Did I say "If"?

And if we hadn't been desensitized by three decades of the Death Culture...would we even ask "If"?

Terribly sad, but true.

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