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Monday, March 21, 2005

Inconvenient Life

Cap'n Ed at Captain's Quarters has some of the best reporting on the Terri Schiavo case. Here is perhaps the best summary yet of the MSM's treatment of the case. Go read it. It's not long.

There's further excellent coverage here for those who favor erring on the side of life and/or oppose giving judges the power to declare death sentences on people who've broken no law, but whose lives the judge deems inconvenient. I've blogged before about how the loss of moral compass inclines those in power to act subserviently toward the more powerful and mercilessly toward the weak. I expect to see this sort of moral cowardace in Europe, which lost its soul to collectivism and anomie over a century ago. I suppose I should not be surprised that BlueState America has also taken Terri Schiavo's inconvenient life up as a cause celebre. Underpinning the left's moral cosmology is the idea that man's nature is clay--infintely maleable; moldable into any pose with the right sort of sculpting--and that individuals derive any value they possess from the groups they belong to or the causes they symbolize. Both ideas are products of moral relativism and both are fundamentally God-denying. Terri has no more intrinsic value to leftists than a Tutsi had to a Hutu in 1994, but she is important to them in death because her case allows them to further distance mankind from any absolute value--to further "liberate" manind from a true nature they find too confining and, well...inconvenient.

There may not be much left of Terri Schiavo on which to hang a cause, and doing so may seem foolish, but God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise.

I'd be curious to hear a liberal opinion on this issue. Chefjef, you game?


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