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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Lessons from John Paul II for Protestants

I knew I liked this new blog! Here's a great little article on why the last Pope's ministry was important to mainline Protestants:

The reason for his success is not simply his brilliance, which was extraordinary, nor his genius at using the media to get out his message, which was astonishing, but most of all, his ability to lead by stating clearly and unwaveringly what it means to be Catholic today. Despite calls for him to adjust his message to the contemporary world, he stood firm.

In contrast, we see the mainline Protestant churches in America tripping over themselves to be relevant and modern. The evidence is in: it hasn’t worked.

I expressed similar thoughts here, just not as well. Having been part of churches that were failing for precisely the reasons she sets forth, and now having belonged to two in succession that were growing because they refused to compromise their testimony for the world's sake, I can attest that she's dead spot on.

Read the whole thing.


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