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Saturday, May 07, 2005

He Hawked Off To Look For America

The blogoshpere's best humorist is back. David Burge, graduate of the prestigious Iowa Drinkers Workshop, set off several weeks ago to look for America. He found it.

He guides us on a tour of the fifty states, relating what he learned in each one. Here is what he found in a couple of my favorite states:

You look like you could stand a little cheerin’ up," said my cellmate, an ancient little man with a patched coat and a twinkle in his eye. I was stranded in that Alabama county jail after a roadhouse misunderstanding, and truth was I did have a hard case of the blues. "I used to dance me a bit,” he rasped. “Maybe a little softshoe and a story would put a grin back on you." I looked at his cheerfully wizened face, smiled, and nodded. The memory of the little old man’s dances and stories linger, long after he traded me to that other inmate for a pack of Merit Menthols.

Whether it’s an enormous plate of Texas barbecue, “Big Tex” at the state fair park in Dallas, or Houston’s cavernous Astrodome, one thing is certain – Texans really get mad when you spraypaint their stuff.

Check out the whole thing.


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