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Monday, June 13, 2005

Now Confess, or I Will Taunt You Some More!

Taken by hidden camera and secreted out of Cuba in a cigar wrapper,
this Time-exclusive photo shows a US interrogator brutally taunting a detainee,
seen from the detainee's perspective.

James Lileks has done for Gitmo "detainee" (read: animal-savage, goat-grabbing Jew decaptators) "torture" (read: subjected to pansy-soft verbal remonstrance acceptable to Political Correctness Commissars) what David Burge of IowaHawk did for Koran-desecration riots several weeks ago. That is: he makes fun of the whole thing, which is the only reasonable reaction for a person with a lick of common sense.

He fisks this breathless Time piece ("Inside the Wire!""Moment-by-Moment Account!!""Secret Interrogation Log!!!"), which tries really hard to show how thsavage our interrogations are, but manages only to sound silly:

According to the log, his handlers at one point perform a puppet show “satirizing the detainee’s involvement with al-Qaeda.”

...And at one point the reader might assume that if something really bad had happened, we might have read about it by now. I know a little bit about modern journalism, and we tend to emphasis the splintery plunger up the butt over the mocking puppet show. In any case, this detail makes you almost want to weep in frustration; domestic politicians are posturing for the camera, huffing about then horrors of Gitmo, insisting that the rest of the world won’t forgive us until we close the joint down and pave it. Over what? A Punch and Judy show? If we gang-mimed the guy and had 17 men in striped shirts with white makeup pantomime falling out of a burning skyscraper, would the critics demand we not only let the guy go but pay him a per diem for his troubles? I’ve read the story twice, and I keep wondering if I missed the part where the suspected 20th hijacker spits teeth into a chamberpot rimming with own bloody urine while massaging the welts the jumper cables left on his groinal division. I mean, I take all that for granted, because our soldiers are all killbot brutes - except for the lower-class ones who got drafted against their will and can only hope Bruce Springsteen sings a monotonal account of their disaffection.

Puppet shows and secret code / I don’t know who to trust / I’m the metaphorical twin of old Tom Joad / inasmuch as we both dealt with dust / his was the kind that got in your eyes / mine gets in your gun / but they both get down deep in your soul / whaddya mean, sing “Born to Run”?

...His head and beard are shaved. He is returned to his original interrogation booth. A picture of a 9/11 victim is taped to his trousers. Al-Qahtani repeats that he will “not talk until he is interrogated the proper way.”

Meaning what? Forced to kneel before a camera and confess you’re a Jew before your head is sawed off?

Invasion of Space by Female: Over the next few days, al-Qahtani is subjected to a drill known as Invasion of Space by a Female

Mind you, this is considered punishment. Right now across America there are guys who are seriously peeved because they ordered “Invasion of Space by a Female IV” on pay-per-view and the cable went out. They’re on the phone admitting they wanted it, and demanding they get IV and V no charge, understood?

Puppet shows! Sarcasm! The horror! The gut-wrenching, sphincter-tightening horror that is Amerikkan brutality! What won't those cowboys do to further their wicked dreams of empire?! What will the evil, kill-bot minions of the sith-like Bush-Chimp resort to next?! THIS: (?!!)

Ximinez: Confess! Confess! Confess!

Biggles: It doesn't seem to be hurting her, lord.

Ximinez: Have you got all the stuffing up one end?

Biggles: Yes, lord.

Ximinez: (angrily hurling away the cushions) Hm! She is made of harder stuff! Cardinal Fang! Fetch...THE COMFY CHAIR!

(JARRING CHORD - Zoom into Fang's horrified face)

Fang: (terrified) The...Comfy Chair?

(Biggles pushes in a comfy chair -- a really plush one)

Ximinez: So you think you are strong because you can survive the soft cushions. Well, we shall see. Biggles! Put her in the Comfy Chair!

(They roughly push her into the Comfy Chair)

Ximinez: (with a cruel leer) Now -- you will stay in the Comfy Chair until lunch time, with only a cup of coffee at eleven. (aside, to Biggles) Is that really all it is?

Time-exclusive photo of US torture devices being used in what Amnesty
International last week called "the dungeon of our times"


Laura Ingraham, on this morning's show, suggested some new forms of "torture" that might be okay'd even on Rummy's sue-sensitive list of approved methods: Make the "detainees" listen to a continuous loop of Hillary & Al Gore speeches, Bruce Springsteen songs, Nancy Pelosi statements, Dean's Barbaric Yawp, Madonna's attempts at rap, and the Larry King-Barbara Walters "Goodnight Sweetheart" duet. I dunno. This seems a little cruel, even to me.

Update Update: The same issue of Time has this Potemkin-village puff piece and photo essay,"The Model School, Islamic Style," about a muslim school in Bridgewater IL. The problem with islam, you see--especially in our xenophobic Kkkowboy Kkkultur--is that its adherents feel our racism, our hostility. Can you blame them? All their purest acolytes wanted was to slaughter a few thousand Americans in the bloodiest, most spectacular way possible and thus to destroy our civilization and force every one of us into dhimmitude or slavery. Is that really so much to ask? And again I say, can you blame them? If I were an orchid-sensitve ____-coast liberal, I'd want the same thing. Wouldn't you? Well, Time explains everything, pointing out that muslim students "learn about the American Dream" inside "the box," as they call it, while they "wonder if it's theirs to pursue." "The box," you see, "is both protection and containment"--protection from "temptation--and bigotry." Yes...none of our current problems would ever have come about, and there'd have been no excuse for HitlerBushyChimp's War for Oil, if only we'd been just a little more tolerant toward muslims over the years...a little more accepting.

Why is there "bigotry?" The students believe that fellow American citizens are "watching them with suspicion," it seems. But what possible motive (other than Amerikkans' pervasive racism) could anyone have for suspicion?

Seems that there might be after all, and LGF, as usual, has the lowdown:

Here’s an LGF search for Bridgeview, in case you’d like a bit more context than TIME Magazine wants you to have. Because TIME doesn’t tell you that the Bridgeview Mosque, which controls this model Islamic school, is one of the most extremist mosques in the US, influenced (if not run) by Wahhabists and the Muslim Brotherhood.*

And here's an interesting story on some of the Bridgewater muslims' typical activities. Don't believe Charles? Perhaps you'll bellieve the Chicago Tribune (not exactly a hotbed of right-wing radicalism):

The mosque did not become this way without a struggle. Relying on hundreds of documents and dozens of interviews, the Tribune has pieced together the details of a bitter fight in Bridgeview that saw religious fundamentalists prevail over moderates.

The story is a rare look inside the transformation of an American mosque, the role of Middle Eastern money in shaping Islam and the tensions many Muslims feel as they try to create enclaves in the U.S.

Perhaps we should close down Gitmo and use taxpayer money to subsidize each former inmate as a New York City cab driver. I can't think of a surer legal way to get rid of Time's staff....

* Of course, the school "maintains its independence" from the radical mosque, despite being right next door (within knife throw, if you will) and being funded in part by it. And I am Marie of Rumania...

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