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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Strength, Weakness, & the Dhimmization of Europe

Two of my most-frequented subjects run together today: the congenital spinelessness of our European "allies" and the strength of our enemies in the current War Against Civilization.

West, meet Middle East...again:

The gulf between the West and radical Islam was on painful display yesterday when a young Muslim went on trial for the murder of the Dutch film-maker Theo van Gogh but refused to recognise the court's authority.

Dhimmis, meet your future master...

Mohammed Bouyeri, a baby-faced 27-year-old with joint Moroccan and Dutch nationality, limped into court with what appeared to be a large Koran under one arm. Wearing a black, collarless gown and a black and white Palestinian-style headscarf, he smirked at the panel of three black-robed judges.

He offered no defence, instructing his lawyer to tell the court that he acknowledged only Islamic law.
Fair enough. Perhaps we should grant his point and impose the penalty sharia law would require had his crime been committed within the Dar al-Islam:

Bouyeri displayed contempt for the judges, prosecutors, psychologists and police. He yawned, stroked his beard, prodded his face with a pen and played an imaginary piano on his thighs.

Despite his bushy beard, Bouyeri appeared more like a sulky adolescent than a terrorist killer with links to Islamist cells in Germany, Madrid and beyond, portrayed by the prosecution.

That he's a "baby-faced" 27-year-old is significant. The kind of certitiude that leads one to yearn to die for a cause tends to reside mostly with the young. (The willingness to kill for one's cause tends to stick around a bit longer.) The average age in the part of the world that feeds our enemy its human fodder is under 25: uneducated, inexperienced, rootless; but strong, ardent, trainable, and easily swayed. Demographics alone tell us that we in the West must keep our decisive edge in the ability to kill people "efficiently" (for the least cost to us in terms of lives, treasure, time, and/or opportunities). Europe--for several very good reasons, mind--long since gave up the ability to do anything militarily other than file labor grievances. As always, if a miitary solution is required, it will become the responsiblity of the United States' armed forces--or, should I say, of Red State America's armed forces, since the People's Democratic Parenthetical Republic of Blumurka doesn't like folks in uniform (other than that really cute police dude in the Village People) and doesn't contribute meaningfully to its sustenance.

He "appeared more a sulky adolescent than a terrorist killer..." is stated as if these two things are somehow incompatible. Far from it. We have a few like him: Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold... Its just that they are abberations in our society, but the post-feudal / pre-industrial, bachelor-herd, attain-your-own-salvation-if-you-follow-the-rules, death-to-all-infidels culture of islam produces them like McDonalds produces Quarter Pounders. They are islam's primary export commodity.

Prosecutors said that Bouyeri shot Mr van Gogh on a busy Amsterdam street as the film-maker cycled to his office. Wounded, Mr van Gogh pleaded: "We can still talk about it! Don't do it! Don't do it."

Mr. Eurosquishy Liberal, meet Mr. Apresvouz Le Deluge. Here is the archetypal encounter between Europe's fern bar-and-legalized-drug-softened Anythinggoesism and the lean and hungry barbarians from the rest of the world. We saw this look (shock and horror finally breaking through the crust of world-weary cynicism) on your face back in the 400s when those dudes in the wolf hides showed up at the city gates. You've just forgotten about it.

The court was told that Bouyeri shot his victim six times then slit his throat with a kitchen knife, severing Mr van Gogh's neck down to the backbone before impaling to his chest with the knife a five-page note threatening other public figures.

Horrible? Get used to it. Someone (I can't remember who and Dr. Google refuses to tell me) once said something like "a child's virtue resides in the weakness of its limbs, not the goodness of its heart." That proverb applies to our muslim friends. The only thing that really distinguishes this from this is the fact the West still has the power to restrain Dar al-Islam from carrying out its plans for us. Should we lose that power, their killing will become much more "efficient" and the images will become much more Treblinka-like.

Witness statements read in court described how he reloaded his gun then walked around a park before firing on a police vehicle, allegedly in an attempt to provoke a gunfight and die a martyr.

Unfortunately, they didn't let him fulfill his ambition. Still, we see the ardor to die from a young adherent whose religion rewards such "martydom." His was not the act of wild fanatic, just that of a man who truly understood the principles of his faith. Christian martyrs died at the hands of persecutors, unresisting, blessing their executioners. Muslims earn goddie-points for dying in the act of killing and maiming "infidels."

The murder shocked the Dutch public, still reeling from the 2002 assassination of Pim Fortuyn, a flamboyant, populist anti-immigration politician. The killings proved to many that Holland's multi-cultural society, based on tolerance and consensus, was in terminal crisis.

Well, yes. In a society of sheep, the lone wolf rules.

Further evidence of Europe's probably-terminal wimpness comes from our wonderful muslim-loving friends at the Beeb:

The BBC has re-edited some of its coverage of the London Underground and bus bombings to avoid labelling the perpetrators as "terrorists", it was disclosed yesterday.

Early reporting of the attacks on the BBC's website spoke of terrorists but the same coverage was changed to describe the attackers simply as "bombers".

The BBC's guidelines state that its credibility is undermined by the "careless use of words which carry emotional or value judgments".

Consequently, "the word 'terrorist' itself can be a barrier rather than an aid to understanding" and its use should be "avoided", the guidelines say.

Can a people so cowed by the thought of political incorrectness really defend themselves? Or is the Beeb just a fringe haven of leftist internationalists and enemy sympathizers, and not representative of Brits in general? The latter, I pray. And even though Britain has significant problems, I feel there is still hope for John Bull. However, I also fear that much of the rest of Western Europe is too far gone to help. I look at the prospect of America-hating France and the Uberleftist Netherlands becoming muslim suzereinties (as Spain--excuse me: al-Andalus--almost is already) with some sense of Schadenfreude, but I know this will be a disaster for the cause of civilisation.

Eastern Europe will stand with us for awhile because even former enemies like the Russians and Serbs understand the nature of the war we're in (and that we're on the same side), but their militaries are in even more pathetic shape than Western Europe's. In its heyday, the entire weight of the Soviet Army couldn't do what it took a handful of US special forces and aircraft to do in Afghanistan. Today's Russian army is well past that peak and it's the best in the region.

There are tens of millions within Dar al-Islam that hate us with the same ferocity as Bouyeri and hope every bit as much to gain immortal pleasures by slaughtering the rest of us the way Bouyeri slaughtered Van Gogh. Past a certain point on an adversary's spectrum of human nature, there ceases to be a "turn the other cheek" option--at least if we take our responsibility to ensure social justice seriously. Gentle suasion will not turn such people from their hate, nor will stern woes. We haven't the faith or the institutional ability to cast the demons that haunt these people into swine where they belong and turning over their counting tables is not enough. That leaves only one option. If we are to protect those weaker than ourselves--including our brothers, sisters, and "siblings" in Blumerka and the People's Vogonish Republic of Europe--we in Red State America--the world's only demographic with the consistent will and ability to subdue our enemies--must not shrink from that option.


: Not surprisingly, the four homocide bombers who attacked London last week were homegrown--"Shazzy" Tanweer, as his English friends knew him, was

They were a close-knit family of good Muslims, respected in a local multi-ethnic community of whites, Africans, east Europeans, Pakistanis and Bengalis.

...he was a quiet boy, and good in school... I like that, "whites...East Europeans..." East Europeans are about as white as they come. For that matter, so are Pakistanis and Bengalis, technically--they're as much members of the caucasoid race as any Anglo-Saxon or Russian. So much for the liberal press' vaunted racial tolerance. That sentence could have come out of the Richmond Times Dispatch circa 1903.

If ever there was a family of model immigrants, it was the Tanweers. Originally from Pakistan, they had made a good life in Britain, running their Leeds fish and chip shop and living in a large detached house in the city's Beeston area, with two Mercedes cars parked outside.

"And yet the ape, tho' well behaved, at best was just a monkey shaved."

Hey! They call us pigs & monkeys! Seriously, this points out that one can attach as many trappings of civilized life as one wishes onto muslims--many of them will still come out, well....muslim. And that inevetably and ineluctably leads at least to a willingness--whether the ability is there or not--to mutilate a face beyond recognition with a serving fork for religious "infidelity," kill one's own sister for a supposed "honor" violation, beat one's wife to within an inch of her life as a religious "duty," take multiple wives as an expression of the same, set off dynamite strapped to oneself on a crowded double-decker bus, blow up a pizza joint crowded with teenage girls, severe the head of a helpless captive and broadcast it worldwide on the internet, nearly severe the head of another helpless victim in broad daylight on a Dutch street as the victim pleads for mercy, set off an IED in a crowd of Arab children in order to kill the US Marine standing in the center of them giving out candy, paint the genitalia (and only the genitalia) of the statues outside one's multi-million-dollar Beverly Hills mansion, host websites openly advocating the murder of "Jews and dogs" in one's comforatble middle-class European home at the age of fourteen....need I go on? I could....pretty much indefinitely.

God help me! I'm finding "turn the other cheek" a very hard teaching right now. Just now, I would like a hundred million or so of these cockroaches in human guise to turn their other cheeks toward the sky and see big, cobalt-salted B-53s descending toward them....and have to time only to think, "oh shi......." in Arabic.


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