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Friday, August 05, 2005

Christian Carnival LXXXI

A bit late in posting this, but better late.....& all that....

The 81st Christian Carnival is up at Dunmoose the Ageless. Check it out.

Here's an interesting series of posts at Bible Archive on trying to express or illustrate the trinity in metaphor. I was struck by this passage:

Curt’s been teaching a class in his church that looks at creativity as an expression of the image of God (heretofore referred as Imago Dei) and while preparing he considered an illustration of the trinity that I plan to share with you (three) readers. The reason I’m posting it is because I’ve been doing some offline thinking about the creation account that may have some resonance with Curt’s concept.

In his halting manner he explained how he writes a post. He has thoughts in his head that are almost immediately tied to words then he puts them down on paper. While considering words and The Word, it struck him that words are a verbal communication. By putting them down, they are expressed in action and thus actually communicated. So a picture of the trinity is found in man, not in the old body-soul-spirit model, but in this thought (the Father), word (the Son), action (the Spirit).

I like this. Read the entire post to follow his fascinating exegetical and logical path. I saved this one to my hard drive.

Here's another worthy post from ChristWeb, comparing islam's current internal conflict to a phase in Christianity's historical development.

As we see from these two sources is that Islam suffers from a fundamental problem that was common to Christianity centuries ago. The interpretation of their most sacred book has been relegated to a few religious leaders and those that can convince others that they are knowledgeable in the Koran.

On the whole, some interesting material this week.


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