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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Iran So Far Away, Part 3

Chefjef responds to Kanh's response to Chefjef's post....or something like that.

Here's the original post.

Here's Kanh's response:


I don't pretend to understand what is happening in the middle east. But, I would like to speak to your calling the American government hypocritical because we possess nuclear weapons and don't want Iran to have them. Let me ask this...You have a gun, does it make you hypocritical to not want criminals in Montgomery (or anywhere else for that matter) to possess them? God forbid you should ever have to use the gun on another human being, but would it make you even more hypocritical? I think not.

In His Love,


Here's Chefjef's answer:

Good point, Kahn. But I have a small reservation regarding your premise. In order for it to apply outright, one has to presume an entire nation to be criminals and also presume tha the U.S. has the same authority over sovereign nations that a duly appointed police officer has over the citizens who granted him that authority in the first place. In your hypothetical, it would not be hypocritical of me to not want criminals in Montgomery to have weapons, but it would be critical of me to want a ban of all Montgomerians, save the police, to have weapons. Like it or not, Iran is a sovereign nation and has been long before we were. The fact that we, as a nation, seem to forget that sometimes probably pisses other people off.

Now, do I want Iran to have nukes? Of course not. I don't trust them anymore than I trust a dope dealer or a gang member. Do I really care what pisses them off? Nope. But just because I hold a particular position doesn't mean I also have to fool myself into believing that it is (1) logically and philosophically sound and (2) completely jibes with every other position I hold. While I would like both of those things to be true, if it were so it would mean I am perfect, and despite extreme delusions of grandeur I am still a little dubious about my own perfection.

Please keep the comments and analysis coming! This is an important issue.


Keep the conversation going (Please -- 'cause I'm still working on my reponse to the initial post. It's long and getting longer. Sorry....that doesn't sound quite right, does it?)


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