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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Christian Carnival LXXXIII

This week's Christian Carnival is up at All Kinds of Time

Many interesting posts. Here, Dadmanly points to an interesting attempt at intellectual synthesis in the intelligent design: "Divine Evolution." At the bottom of the post, Joe Katzman of WindsofChange fame adds a valuable perspective and touches on a theme that parallels some of my own thinking on the evolution conundrum: If the evolution of the spirit is a thing God insists on and if nature routinely exhibits fractality (recapitulation of essential structures at many levels 'up and down the chain'), how can evolution of some type not exist in nature external to the spirit? If it does, how does this reconcile with what we regard as "doctrine" on the subject today?

More to the point: Who cares? What's important in terms of "evolution," as Katzman puts it, is that

Spiritual its core [is] very simple: "be and become more like God."


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