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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Iran So Far Away, Part 5

Kanh comments in the ongoing conversation concerning Iran, responding to Chefjef's remarks in this post:

OK ChefJef,
You make some great points. I would like to comment... I am not calling everyone in Iran a criminal. I don't think everyone in Iran has nukes. I think it's the government. I also (and I very well could be mistaken in this) thought the UN made some distinction as to what kind of nuclear components they may posses. We, the American government, as the leading world power have some authority, or maybe responsibility to uphold the bargain. I think other's even look to us for that?! You and Monk are better versed in history and current events...but it seems to me when we choose to ignore rogue, emerging, evil, sovereign whatever nations it always ended very badly. Again I don't pretend to understand all that is happening in the middle east. But I do understand left to it's own devices the whole world will suffer. But I also doubt we can ever bring peace to the Middle East. I personally believe that will take the second coming. I don't believe we can "eminentize the eschaton", by our actions. But we have a responsibility as sovereign nations to keep each other accountable for that which we have agreed upon. Sovereign nation or not we must have standards. As the worlds leading power, richest nation and freedom spreader, we have a responsibility to see those standards are upheld. I think to do otherwise would be hypocritical and selfish. By the way, you may be less than perfect and our great nation may be less than perfect, but where else could a male Euro-African descendant discuss issues of this nature with a female Euro-Slavic descendant. You're great and this "great experiment" we are living is great.

In HIS Love,


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