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Friday, September 16, 2005

A Little Knowledge...

"A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing,
or How Lack of Attention Destroyed My [/Span] of Control"

Chefjef pointed out last night via email that, "the font on Vita ab Alto has adopted pygmie qualities. I don't know if it was intentional or not, but it sure is small and hard to read. You know, us old folks have vision problems!"

I assure you it was stupidity, not intention, that rendered VaA unreadable to all but startled marmosets poised inches from their monitor screens.

It looked okay to me!

Fortunately, I found the problem this morning: I neglected to conclude a footnote at the bottom of yesterday's last post with an "end font style" tag that rendered every post written prior to it at 70% of its normal size. I didn't know HTML buffoonery would extend beyond a single messed-up post. It would, it will, and it does.


Mercifully, only VaA's two loyal readers (me & Chefjef) noticed the problem. I'd hate to think that I drove away an Instalanch through my own technical incompetance:

[cut to scene of Glenn Reynolds at head of 50-ft. Madagscar mahogany board-room table, dictating to obsequious Instapundit corporate lackeys:] "This Vita ab Alto that our copy boy seems interesting to me. Brilliant insights. So well written. What do you think of linking to it?"

[Lackey at far end of table]: "Lord Reynolds, its author rendered it virtually unreadable last night through a stupid and obvious coding error. We cannot afford to endose such carelessnes!"

[Reynolds:]"Perhaps you are right. But I cannot afford to be contradicted in my own boardroom." [Reynolds twists two fingers together idly; lackey's trachea is crushed and he collapses, lifeless, on desktop] "We shall ignore this 'Vita ab Alto.' If its author does not care enough about it to correct such obvious errors, we shall not bother with it! Now, let us continue with our plans to take over the New York Times!"

Anyway, I think it's finally fixed.


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