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Monday, September 05, 2005

Katrina: One Week On

This was a good weekend for Katrina relief. The Blog For Relief weekend sponsored by NZ Bear raised well over $1 million and still has a couple hours to go. Vita ab Alto is taking part.

I've been proud of how my town, base, and church have stepped up to help relief efforts. My church is the local "clearinghouse" for relief supplies and information, so it's been pretty busy. (Parenthetically, the name was the local EMA's idea -- I showed up expecting to get a sweepstakes entry form, but none were to be found...) The base has taken in over 1,000 displaced families and is making ready to take about 400 more. BTW, for those with dot-mil access, here is the TF-Katrina web site. Very interesting.

Prattville is renovating a previously closed hospital / nursing home as a shelter. I hope this bulletin just reflects the inevitable coordination delays involved in so large a project. I would hate to think that the "Preferred Community" was delaying opening shelter space for less-than-admirable reasons.

Both Kanh and Chefjef, who have been intimately involved in relief efforts, have news to pass on. I apologize for taking so long to post this. Chefjef first:

Good article. We should all certainly do what we can to help. There are two Nat'l Guard M.P. units in Biloxi (one of them is mine....I didn't have to go, though) from Prattville; please keep them in your prayers. One of the units recently returned from iraq 9although contrary to popular opinion, as Monk stated, they weren't "pulled" out, they had already finished their tour).

If you have any clothing, food or appliances tp donate there is a Hurricane Donation center at 880 W. South Blvd, in Montgomery, near I-65. Also, if you have extra clothing to donate the Fraternal Order of Police is taking donations - there are a large number of police and firefighter who have lost everything, even their work uniforms; all they have is the one uniform they were wearing when the hurricane hit, and many of them ar unable to help their own families because they are working 18 hour shifts.

Lastly, there are several shelters in Montgomery that need donations (Whitifeld Church on Fisk Street, Capital Heights Community Center, and the Chisholm Community Center). We have about 4,000 evacuees currently staying in Montgomery and many are running out of money ad places to stay, and a substantial portion of the food and other resources being provided to these folks is coming from local congregations. Please help in any way you can.


And now Kanh:

Excellent information! Thank you ChefJef. I would like to add, for anyone in Prattville, that First United Methodist Church is the Distribution Center for supplies for refugees. I have been giving what time I can to the efforts there. It is overwhelming how everyone wants to help. Several families have come through seeking supplies. Before we closed up Saturday night, a family from NO came through. They evacuated before the hurricane. They have no idea if their house is still standing, if it's been flooded or what. The father said..."I am thankful I have my family and life." Also, when we were trying to figure out exactly what they needed, their five year old little boy, was looking through a box of toys we have to give out. He already had selected a few items and found one more. The Mom and Dad told him he had to choose one or the other, that he had to remember other children that needed toys. They have what is on their backs and what they could fit in the trunk of their car and still they are concerned for others. So for everyone that thinks people in NO are nothing but thugs, this family gave a very different impression. For everyone that has donated items, they are being used and very much appreciated. If anyone would like to make donations FUMC is taking food, toiletries, paper goods, toys, new bedding-twin size and monetary donations. The Church of the Living Water in Prattville is taking donations of clothing. Also, I would encourage everyone to keep praying.




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