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Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Best Immigration Idea I've Heard in A Long Time

Via the Instapundit, we revceived this outstanding idea from HolyCoast:

I have to give credit to Glenn Reynolds for the idea (h/t Michelle Malkin) which I ran with a little bit, but what if on Monday, when thousands of pro-illegal immigration protesters are marching in cities around the country, a bunch of citizens showed up at the Capitol Building in Washington to report for work as "undocumented Congressmen"? Do you think that would get any TV coverage? That would certainly be an interesting way to show our displeasure with Congress and their inaction on tough immigration legislation.

The marchers could demand that Congress take down the security wall that surrounds Capitol Hill and allow us in because we "want to do work that Congressmen aren't willing to do".

Let's put Cynthia McKinney in the front of the march, shall we?


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