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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Blog Hath Geoffrey Chaucer, Forsooth!

In honor of Oh!Susanna's imminent thesis completion and for pointing out that next Wodensdayye will feature the time stamp of 01:02:03 04/05/06, I point out a blog that should be of interest to any student of Aenglyshe Lyteratur:

Geoffrey Chaucer Hath a Blog

The author is (Ich gathere) a gay Medeivalist in ye olde Britaine, but ye syte is frichken hylariouse, no more so than in Geoffrey's taike-offe on Brokeback Mountain ("Mont Dorce-Quasse"). A flavoure thereof:

Y mad a tokne excuse of goinge for to buyen salte-herringe, and the houre of vesperes did fynde the fayre reeve and ich post-coitale yn a geste roome at the Tabard. In the aftirglowe, he dide recyte vnto me a tale of Gawaine and the Grene knighte, of whiche he hadde two fitts ywritten. “Ywis,” quod I, “Shal Gavvaine swyve the wyf of Bertilak? And yf so, ergo, shal Gawayne paraunter swyve Bertilak?”

“Certes,” he sayd, “t’wolde plesen Kynge Richarde!”

“But forto speke of thygnes sadde and trewe. Come away with me! Thou knowst, it coude be like this, just like this, for ay.”

“Nay,” quod he, “Sholde this thynge seise us, ynne the wronge place, such as for ensaumple mass, thenne we sholde ben lit uppe lyke lollardes. If thou canst not hele yt, thou muste stande it.”


It helps to know that some have approached the "Pearle Poet" and Chaucer the way others hath claimed that Bacon wroth Shakespeare, but we need not dwell on this (my Eng Lit mentor, the Late Great Fred Foster, is laughing at both these ideas from his perch in ye heavens). Fred would have loved the blog, however.

Check out the whole thing and enjoye ye it!

PSye: it helpeth allso to knoewe that the Johnannes (John) Gower was bothe fryend and rivalle poet to ye yesteemede Chaucer. It maketh his blog, the readying thereof, eiysier to appreciateyte.

ye Monk

PS: Lovethe Ich the facte that Syre Johannes Gower buriedeth be in ye Churchyarde of St Marye Overie. Loveth Ich the naming of a church for Mary's ovaries. How Medeival mayest thou get?

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