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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Yes, Even Alabama Has Them

One of the reasons I like living in this part of the country is that you still see W stickers in car windows, not "Clinton-Gore in '94," ichthi without the little feet and the word "Darwin" written in them, people wave instead of give you the finger, and greet you with a cheery "hey, how are you" as you enter a store, rather than a gutteral grunt, probably obscene, muttered in some Middle Eastern language. Oh, yes, and we shoot criminals down here. Not that there's any relation between that and the rest.....just......mentioning it. (As in much of the rest of the country, we also elect criminals to office, but that's another story...)

Nonetheless, some of that distinction that favored my part of the country over BlueState "America" is gradually disappearing. Witness the antics of one Steve White in comfortable upper-middle-class suburb of Huntsville, Decatur, who...

showed his class a profane, left-wing video film attacking the White House, Republican politicians, and conservative commentators. Posted at, the clip first surfaced on the Internet in 2004. While a song titled "A — hole" warbles in the background, the film derides the president and his Cabinet. The slideshow is a compendium of Bush Derangement Syndrome sufferers' pet causes, complete with paranoid Halliburton references, swipes at the Fox News Channel, and moldy Michael Moore-esque platitudes about Saddam Hussein and the war in Iraq. The Athens News-Courier, which broke the story, noted: "The word a — hole is sung nine times and shown on screen 11 times; the s-word is used once and someone is shown 'flipping a bird' once.

Well, that's not the kind of thing we should sit still for here in Red America. Here is the contact information for West Limestone High School, where this Bluestate refugee panders his poison, should anyone wish to voice their disapproval and force the school board to take action. Each case like this that goes unpunished only encourages others.

Many bows to Michelle Malkin for her coverage of the issue.


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