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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Third Way Again

When things get slow around here, correspondent Izmud can usually be relied upon to get things going again.

This time, he sends an endorsement for a grassroots third party movement that sounds interesting:

Personal Message: Dear family and friends: Unity08 offers the possibility that we can combine the best in the Democratic Party with the best in the Republican Party to organized some kind of decent leadership in this country. If not, we had better be thinking about the 2nd American Revolution. We are drowning in corruption and incompetence. Our republic cannot survive unless we make some drastic changes. Pat I know you're fed up with the partisan bickering and special interests that dominate politics today. So am I. And so are millions of other Americans. That's why I urge you to join me in signing the "Declaration of Independence from Politics without Purpose" at

Unity08 Message: Declare your independence from politics without purpose today and together we will send a message to congressional leaders from both parties that Americans expect -- and deserve -- better than the current political paralysis in Washington, D.C.

It's high time they face the facts. According to a recent Princeton Research survey, only three percent of Americans say they are "very satisfied" with American politics today, compared to a stunning 44 percent who say they are "very dissatisfied." Eighty-two percent said America has become so polarized between Democrats and Republicans that Washington can't seem to make any meaningful progress solving the nation's problems.

Add your "John Hancock" by Friday, July 7 at:

Okay, so I'm a little late posting it. I'm sure they'd still take your support if offered. I asked Izmud if this was something he thought up. He responded:

No, I did not start it--it was sent to me and I investigated a bit. Being a broken-spirited Republican who feels his party has wandered fromt he True Path, I was intrigued. My concern upon researching the group is that many of the founders have very liberal past associations. Nevertheless, this is a promising start and so I have joined up to particiapte. I figure democracy only works if you participate--maybe I can guide from within?

Good point. I'd have to know more about the group's political platform before endorsing it, especially given Izmud's concerns. Nonetheless, interesting. Certainly, the basic idea of starting a Third Way is something I endorse.


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