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Friday, July 21, 2006

Victor Davis Hanson: Patience Is Wearing Thin


In his RealClearPolitics column today, Victor Davis Hanson says what many (myself included) have been thinking for some time, but have been reluctant to say aloud:

Patience is wearing thin

...Despite...sound conventional wisdom, an exasperated West is running out of choices in the Middle East.

...For all their threats, what the Islamists -- from Hezbollah in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley to the Iranian government in Tehran to the jihadists in Iraq's Sunni Triangle -- don't understand is that they are slowly pushing tired Westerners into a corner. If diplomacy, or aid, or support for democracy, or multiculturalism, or withdrawal from contested lands, does not satisfy radical Islamists, what would?

Perhaps nothing.

What then would be the new Western approach to terrorism? Hard and quick retaliation -- but without our past concern for nation-building, or offering a democratic alternative to theocracy and autocracy, or even worrying about whether other Muslims are unfairly lumped in with Islamists who operate freely in their midst.

If they are not careful, a Syria or Iran really will earn a conventional war -- not more futile diplomacy or limited responses to terrorism. And history shows that massive attacks from the air are something that the West does well...

Read the whole thing.

As a Christian, this is what I most fear in this war: not that the islamofascists will actually destroy us as a civilization (although I do also fear the possiblity of our surrender), but the likelihood that the Salafis or their nutbag Twelver Shiite equivalents finally succeed in committing some act so horrific that they provoke the full wrath of the United States and other Westerners (most definitely including Israel) and then we stand by and watch while a few hundred million muslim human beings get smeared into gristle-flecked jelly before we're satisfied and let the survivors slip back under their cultural rock. I don't want that, nor should any Christian, however much we abominate the culture that produced islamofacism.

What we (Westerners) are doing in places like Iraq, Iran, and Lebanon had better work and Christians had best pray that it does, becuase the alternatives are much, much worse.

One enemy, one war, one victory. One way the other...


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