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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Meanwhile, In the War on Jihad...

While Dubya fetes the Presidents of Afghanistan and Pakistan, the anti-jihad cause has suffered a little-heralded, but sweeping defeat on President Musharraf's home turf:

Three weeks ago, Pakistan signed the terms of the Waziristan Accord with the northern region of its country called North Waziristan. It was, effectively, the terms of surrender by Pakistan to the Taliban and al Qaeda, which dominate North Waziristan. Pakistan has negotiated a separate peace -- the eternal danger to any wartime alliance.

According to intelligence sources cited by The Fourth Rail and other sources above, the Accord includes: (1) Pakistan to abandon its garrisons in Waziristan, (2) Pakistan military to not operate in or monitor actions in the region, (3) Pakistan to turn over weapons to Waziris, (4) Taliban and al Qaeda to set up a Mujahideen council to administer the region, (5) region to be called "The Islamic Emirate of Waziristan, (6) unknown but substantial amount of money paid by Pakistan to the Taliban, (7) al Qaeda and other jihadis to be allowed to stay in region, (8) 2,500 foreign fighters linked to al Qaeda and Taliban released by Pakistan from their prisons (this fact also confirmed by London's Daily Telegraph), and (9) Taliban to refrain from violence in Pakistan only; the agreement does not stipulate refraining from violence in Afghanistan.

According to an intelligence source cited in the Weekly Standard, the gains we have made in that part of the world in the past five years were "reversed in mere weeks with the loss of Waziristan and the release of 2,500 fighters."

Every advancement of the enemy's cause moves the world one step closer to a real, all-out world war -- one step closer to one of two outcomes I fear equally: either surrender of the West and all the world ruled by shari'a or hundreds of thousands of Western dead and half a billion smoking meat hunks being picked apart by vultures from Morrocco to Indonesia.

By slow degrees, things are getting worse.


Update 27 Sep 06
: Max Boot has an excellent column, published in the LA Times, in which he comes to the same conclusions I have regarding islam. His words contain a warning, too:

EVER SINCE 9/11, a dark view of Islam has been gaining currency on what might be called the Western street. This view holds that, contrary to the protestations of our political leaders — who claim that acts of terrorism are being carried out by a minority of extremists — the real problem lies with Islam itself. In this interpretation, Islam is not a religion of peace but of war, and its 1.2 billion adherents will never rest until all of humanity is either converted, subjugated or simply annihilated.

Right. Our patience is not infinite and someday islam may provoke the deadly ire of the "Western Street."

Update 27 Sep 06: And then there's this. Another victory for global jihad:

An opera company in Berlin has cancelled a Mozart production of his work Idomeneo fearing a scene in which the prophet Mohammed's decapitated head is rolled on stage could trigger an Islamic backlash.

The decision by the Deutsche Oper, one of the world's most celebrated opera houses, shows how deep-rooted the fears now are in Europe's artistic community about offending Muslim sensibilities.

Western Europe is already cringing in submission, just as they did before Hitler's aggression. Millions will die eventually because of their cowardice now.

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