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Monday, September 25, 2006

Not Much To Report

I haven't written a post in over a week....
There just isn't that much to report. The UN again proved itself a useless body that should be disbanded or moved to Zimbabwe, where its concepts of conscience, freedom, and the rule of law might find a more simpatico home than in the United States.
President of the Islamic Republic, Mahmoud Amidinjad (which means Hairy Monkey-Lover in Farsi) appealed to peace, liberty, the girl scouts, little fuzzy bunnies, freedom, and liberty an otherwise unnotable speech before that august body. He's for all those things. George Bush is against them, apparently, and is moving the world further away from realizing a utopia consisting of them by wanting to prevent Iran from building Peaceful Thermonuclear Weapons.

The next day, Hugo Chavez (which means 'portly but discerning scourge of evil' in an obscure Amazonian dialect) pronounced that the devil had been in the UN General Assembly chamber the day before and the he could still discern the smell of sulpher. Contrary to common sense, he was not referring to that billionarire who has scarferred billions from UN coffers and profitted from international slave trade, Kofi Anan. No -- as will come as no surprise to readers of Daily Kos -- he meant George Bush again. Dubya Gibbon wants to rule the world, you see, and that interferes with Chavez' intentions to do the same...thus Dubya is evil incarnate.

Over in Lebanon, Hezbollah (which means "Party of Heavenly but Slightly Hairy Virgins" in ungrammatical Arabic) held a celebration of victory over Israel, in which Chief Speechifier Hasan Nasrallah proclaimed that the peace-loving, girl-scout-supporting, islamic lovers of peace and freedom had no cause to worry because Hezbollah still had twenty thousand missiles with which to rain down peace, security, and liberty on Israeli grocery shoppers and schoolchildren.

Meanwhile, our "spy agencies," which gave us such pertinent warning of 9/11, have said that the invasion of Iraq has increased radical jihadis' level of violence, not diminished it. Yes, I think they're right: only a few million Americans would have died in attacks subsequent to 9/11, versus the thousands of innocent Iraqis who have died in that campaign. A more than equitable exchange from the point of view of the American Left. I'm sure they hope that those Americans killed would have been mostly Republican voters -- you know, the ones with jobs...

Also meanwhile, the Pope surrendered to muslim pressure and recanted his comments concerning islam, inviting muslim clerics to the Vatican so he could show them how much he'd like to kow-tow to their demands for submission. Heaven forfend anyone in the West would actually stand up for the religion and culture that brought mankind up from the slime and degradation of a permanent dark age...

No, the only thing of note in the last week was publication of Christian Carnival CXL, but I'm in no mood to quote from it at present...


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