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Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Fruits of Appeasement

For the last thirty years, France has supported muslim causes around the world, even to the extent of directly supporting Palestinian groups like Hamas and helping Saddam Hussein build atomic reactors (before the Israelis blew them up). France has gladly accepted milions of North African muslims, to do jobs the thirty-hour-workweek French populace will not do.

What has this garnered them? Pajamas Media has the answer:

As America prepares for Halloween, France is girding for a wave of attacks from Muslim youths—a reprise of the deadly French riots of last year.

A leaked French intelligence report warns that during the first week of November, a school holiday (Nov. 1 or All Saint’s Day), Muslim riots could convulse the country.
Last year’s intifada lasted three weeks. It petered out when the authorities asked the media to stop devoting attention to the riots.

The situation, however, never returned to normal. Unless one considers (as some French officials seem to do) the current situation as “normal.” In the first six months of this year there were 50,000 acts of urban violence by Muslims. On average 15 police officers, fire fighters or other public officials are attacked per day and 100 cars are set alight per night.

Gangs of immigrant vandals operate in a paramilitary fashion. A spokesman for the French police officers union, himself a policeman, has that France is in the midst of a “civil war.”

Interestingly, no public official said the union was exaggerating.

No Pasarain! has more:

4 buses torched in one night (one was first hijacked and driven around by an armed gang). French youths have decided to up the violence a notch. Cars are for small time hoods and anyway, torching cars is like soooooooo 2005. So, French youths are movin' on up.

In the midst of a "civil war" is what you get by appeasing muslims and trying to honor their appeals. How long before it begins to happen in Canada (aka Cancukistan) and here, in places like Michigan and upstate New York that have large muslim minorities?


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