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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Hero Passes

War isn't personal until it comes home.

Several days ago in Iraq, a hometown hero was killed. Pvt. Stephen Bicknell was a Ranger, had been in Iraq for only two months and had just gotten certified to drive the HumVee he was killed in when it ran close to an IED.

He leaves an 18-year-old wife, his high school sweetheart, who is five months pregnant. He was the star quarterback for the Prattville Lions football team -- the team I support -- leading the Lions through four state playoff, including the championship game in 2004. He graduated from Prattville High in 2005.

I knew him vaugely from his field exploits and our church's youth group, knowing his parents somewhat better. This has been devastating to them, of course.
I honor his service and the accomplishments he achieved in his short years, as should we all. Inevitably, there is now some local discussion of why he needed to die -- is the conflict we are in really worth it if it snuffs out such young lives? We must remember that if we fail to win, we will dishonor this superb young man's sacrifice; he will have died in vain. The victory that he and his comrades in arms believe in will be the true way of honoring his memory.


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