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Monday, October 02, 2006

A Good Weekend In Football

Yes, this was a very good, albeit not perfect weekend, in football at all levels

On Thusdays night last, Auburn (barely) beat South Carolina. It was too cluse for comfort and make inclide the poll-makers to reconsider Aubrun's place at no. 2 in the national rankings. I hope not. (Update: AP still ranks them second, but it may be too early for new ranking to have come out.)

On Friday night, the Prattville Lions high school team -- the team I follow and support (know many players, cheerleaders, band memebers, etc; eldest daughter plays the mellowphone in the marching band), fought their way past Opelika, the only team that beat them last year prior to the playoffs. It was a near-run thing, but very exciting. Congrats to the Albert brothers, who accounted for two of our scores. To top the evening off, Hoover (richy-rich suburb of Birmingham and rated no. 1 in class 6A high school ball going into the game) lost, so Prattville may wind up no. 1 in their class.

Saturday sadly saw Alabama lose, but they put in a very creditable performace against no. 5-ranked Florida, Sadly, no repeat of last year's result (31-3 'Bama). Nonetheless, Ohio State won (one of my Almas Mater), as did Texas (I support due to family ties). Missou also one (some affection due to friends still in MO, from when I was assigned to Whiteman).

Sunday saw my no. 2 KC Chiefs slaughtered the 49ers. The day was capped off by my no. 1 team, the Redskins (grew up their; a life-long love) winning in a very even and exciting game against Jacksonville. Mark Brunnell was great; Santana Moss was fantastic, especially in the game's last play; and we finally have a running game with Clint Portis, who looked a lot like olde John Riggins yesterday. Jacksonville's front three/four
couldn't contain him. A great game.


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