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Monday, November 06, 2006

Global Incident Map

Here is a very useful little item. It is a constantly updated (at least, every 300 seconds) Google Earth-based map and crawl of terrorism-related incidents around the world. It shows, for instance, the placement of listening devices in the Memphis TN homeland security offices. Each incident has accompanying detail. Here's the detail on the Memphis find.

On another, but related, topic, James Q. Wilson has a brilliant article in the WSJ Opinion Journal. It examines The Press at War:

The mainstream media's adversarial stance, both here and abroad, means that whenever a foreign enemy challenges us, he will know that his objective will be to win the battle not on some faraway bit of land but among the people who determine what we read and watch. We won the Second World War in Europe and Japan, but we lost in Vietnam and are in danger of losing in Iraq and Lebanon in the newspapers, magazines and television programs we enjoy.

The article includes a very detailed account of how the US government and military were stabbed in the back by the press during Vietnam, and why we lost because of this. Read it.


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