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Friday, October 27, 2006

Git Mo' Food ... Korans ... Soccer ...

From limited news reports and from the blogosphere, I knew the Gitmo detainees had life easy. Until I read this first-hand report from National Review Online, did not know the disgustingly PC details:

many of the detainees try to maintain their fight against America, in any way possible, no matter how small. One camp had to be retrofitted because detainees were taking apart the push-button faucets in their cells to get at a metal spring inside that they would stretch out to be used as a weapon. The Asian-style toilets on the floors of the cells used to have foot-rests, until the detainees started wrenching them from the floor to use them as bludgeoning weapons. The guards are routinely splashed with urine and feces, and wear chest protectors and sometimes neck protectors to protect against stabbing.
While always mindful that they are dealing with dangerous men (who are always shackled when in the presence of the guards), the Americans do their utmost to treat them humanely, even sensitively. Seemingly every surface has a small painted arrow pointing toward Mecca. Every detainee gets a Koran, and should it be necessary to search one it is done by one of the Muslim translators, not the guards. After the Supreme Court’s Hamdan decision, Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions became almost wallpaper, posted all over the place in every language spoken by the detainees.
The detainees are amply fed. They are offered 4,200 calories a day. They don’t have to eat it all, but the idea is to offer them choices. U.S. combat troops get 3,800 calories. The average detainee has gained 18 pounds, and one detainee went from 215 to 410 pounds. Visiting reporters are fed the same lunch as the detainees: a hot Middle Eastern meat dish (unidentifiable to this Western palate), along with vegetables, egg shavings, and tuna fish; plus yogurt, a couple of bananas, several granola bars, and a piece of homemade baklava to mark Ramadan, when the detainees always get sweets. They get fresh-baked bread three times a day.
Detainees sit in a La-Z-Boy chair during interrogations... [not the "comfy chair!"]

They are much better treated than the poor, or even many pets in our own country. This is a crime against mankind. These men are murderous thugs who should never live in comfortable circumstances and should never see the light of day again.

The Democrats will undoubtedly set them free and allow them to sue the US for violations of their civil rights. Heck, they might even let them appeal to the World Court to charge their captors with war crimes.

I recommend to President Bush that the day he leaves office, he has every one of these animals shot in the back of the head and has their bodies dumped over the fence into Cuba.


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