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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Troops Respond

The MSM may be trying (on page two) to suppress Mr Kerrys gaff, but it will not soon be forgoten by our men and women in uniform, nor should it be. This election, in which both houses may stay in Republican hands, well may come to be called the "stuck in Iraq" campaign.

They may be stuck in Iraq, Mr Kerry, but you're stuck on stupid.

Thanks, you arrogant supercilious preppy richy-rich jackass. You've done us a big favor!


Update 1 Nov 06
: Victor Davis Hanson is brilliant, as usual:

The Democrats should use this occasion to have an autopsy of Kerryism, or this strange new tony liberalism, that has turned noblisse oblige on its head. It used to be that millionaire FDRs and JFKs felt sympathy for those of the lower classes and wished to ensure that the hoi polloi had some shot at the American dream. But today's elite liberals-a Howard Dean, Al Gore, Ted Kennedy, George Soros, Ted Turner-love the high life and playact at being leftists simply because they are already insulated from the effects of their own nostrums that always come at someone poorer's expense while providing them some sort of psychological relief from guilt.

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