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Monday, March 07, 2005


The subscriber edition of National Review tells the following:

The United Nations, of all places, might be an ethical step ahead of us on human cloning. In mid-February, a U.N. panel declared its support for a ban on all forms of human cloning. At around the same time, the president of the Massachusetts state senate introduced legislation, backed by eager Harvard researchers, that would allow the cloning of human embryos for research. Current law requires local district attorneys to sign off on embryo research. The Republican governor, Mitt Romney, is willing to let the law be changed so as to allow research on “surplus” embryos from fertility clinics. But he has pledged to fight any attempt to legalize cloning. His interest in compromise has not been met by a comparable spirit from the biotech enthusiasts. The story we were told in 2001 — that research would proceed only on embryos that were “doomed anyway” — has once again been proven false. If Romney and likeminded legislators fail to hold the line at cloning, we can only guess at what new ethical horrors will follow.

But then, aren't we all doomed anyway?

As a public service to you, dear readers, I have delved more deeply into this story and have uncovered some of the new uses the foregoing story mentions. It seems the governments of Massachusetts and several other Northeastern states, in the interest of preventing another blackout like 2003's--and following serious research into human power generation, have begun to use "surplus embryos" to supplement the New England power grid. When I interviewed them, Desginers Lawrence and Andrew Wachowski claimed they are "ushering in one of the real revolutions in power production." Andrew Wachowski told me, "I think there's a great deal to be gained by adding human BTUs to the electrical matrix. Just think--a power source that will never have to be reloaded!" They have hired Mr Smith, an agent of the US Department of Energy, to superintend their project. "He's a bit of a hothead," said Lawrence Wachowski, "but no one is better connected." The brothers offered me a couple views of thier work. Massachusetts "Republican" governor Mitt Romney favors the project. "I can't see any drawbacks" he told me. Senator John Kerry (D - Mekong) also strongly favors it: "We've heard some objections from Neo-cons and the Zionist element, but most of these embryos would just grow up to be Red State Jesuslanders anyway."


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