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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Soderberg a la Mike's America

Welcome to Mike of Mike's America!

Concerning Nancy Soderberg's appearance on Jon Stewart's Daily Show, Mike posts the following:

When trying to understand Soderberg's outrageous comment, we need to consider the source:

She was on the staff of Senator Kennedy before joining the Clinton Gore Administration. As number 3 on the staff of the National Security Council, she was at Clinton’s right hand during much of the malfeasance we witnessed during that time.

When she remarks about something going wrong in North Korea, she ought to know. Sec. Albright and Soderberg were among the cabal of America apologists that thought they could buy good will from Kim Jong Il… Didn’t work DID IT?!

Now, Bush is cleaning up the mess these people made and all they can do is hope he does not succeed…Very sad… Politics used to stop at the water’s edge… But power and personal bitterness seems to be more important to these folks than their own nation’s success in making the world a freer, more peaceful place.

If Kerry had been elected, she would no doubt be back in office. God forbid!



Incidentally, Mike and I have something in common: I also cut my political teeth in Ohio, havng done my first volunteer work on the Ohio Reagan-Bush campaign in 1980 while attending OSU. It was a thrilling time of hard work, much beer, great looking girls, and victory! It's vaguely possible that I met Mike back then, depending on when he was organizing college Republican clubs. If so--Mike, I'm sorry! I really didn't mean to hurl on your shoes! Too much Rolling Rock, y'know?


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