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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Fun with Google

Chefjef posts:

Mr. Monk, I'll have you know that I read all of the links to works by Churchill, as well as looking some articles up on my own. Two hours later, having read, I suppose, a thousand words, I am quite certain he did not actually say anything except to posit that the 9-11 attacks were demonstrably justifiable. Where did you find this butthole?

He comes off as a sort of 21st century beatnik hippie pansy-boy pseudo-historian /wannabe sociologist. How did he get his job? Does anyone actually listen to him?

Clearly this guy needs tenure to remain employed. Besides being a commie bastard and motwithstanding his academically unimpressive essays, his credentials seem a but weak to be a professor at school of the calibe of Univ. of Colorado. Actually, I can't believe I haven't heard more than I have, from you, about "Professor" Churchill.


Roger that. Actually, he came to me, not I to him, thanks to the blogosphere. He's the intellectual equivalent of those video clips of the monkey sniffing his own butt cheese that keep getting passed around via email. Want some more Fever Swamp fun? Google this dude:

Ted Rall.

Want similar "fun" at Right Wing expense? Google:

Westboro Baptist Church.

Be warned, however, that most internet filters will prevent you from seeing many of the links. These people are an obscenity and a disgrace to Christianity. They put me in a KTA,LGSTO mood. In a spirit of perfect Christian charity, I hope the Lord puts a 400,000,000-amp bolt into a full sanctuary some Sunday. I shall pray fervently over the smoking meat hunks.

(Lord, I apologize for that...and be with them pygmies down in Borneo...)


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