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Monday, March 07, 2005

Hittite Hoties

Please bow to Dave LeBoeuf of Logical Meme for performing this public service:

Have you noticed how many attractive Lebanese women there are in the various newswire photos of Lebanon's anti-Syria demonstrations?

Indeed. I've become accustomed to a somewhat different image of Middle Easterners. This perspective is very refreshing. Makes you understand why the Syrians stayed so long.

Glenn Reynolds has more.



Down the memory hole--if you try to google images of "lebasese babes," or "lebanese protestors," or "cedar revolution protestors" or any such now (as of the middle of May 05), you get only porn sites or pix of islamo-cockroach pro-Syrian deomnstrators. It's like the Cedar Babe Explosion never happened. The lefto-nerds in charge at Google don't just censor news....

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