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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

A Study in Higher-Order Effects

This news item is disturbing:

Jim Murphy is a "counter-recruiter," one of a small but growing number of opponents of the Iraq (news - web sites) war who say they want to compete with military recruiters for the hearts and minds of young people. (Related story: For guard recruiters, a tough sell) "I don't tell kids not to join the military," says Murphy, 59, a member of Veterans for Peace. "I tell them: 'Have a plan for your future. Because if you don't, the military has a plan for you.' "

On first blush--within the first order of the effects of Mr Murphy's actions, if you will--his "counter-recruiting" seems openly seditious. Again, I must ask, as I have many times lately, at what point does active opposition to our government's war policies become treason or sedition? I don't have an easy answer to that one. I'd like to hear from liberal friends on this.

Considering the possible "higher-order" effects of "counter-recruiting," however, there may be reason for conservatives to be cheered. Most of those the story highlights are Left Coasters--groups like "Ragin' Grannies" out in the People's Democratic Republic of San Francisco. One was from Houston and another from Chicago, but I suspect these folks will have less influence over kids than Mr Murphy will in Los Angeles. The Marines say that "counter-recruiters" are having a miniscule effect overall, but even if they become very effective, this will be felt disproportionately in the Blue States. And this means that an ever-growing proportion of those serving in the military will be from Red America--the Midwest and South. You know, from Jesusland. On reflection, do we even want Blue Staters in the military? The US military provides the world's highest-quality training in weapons, tactics, and organizaztion. Draw what conclusions you will, but I just don't see many drawbacks to having fewer military-trained Blue Staters and more military-trained Red Staters in this country.



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