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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Tell It To the Marines

Here's a little "grab a cuppa joe & read" kinda post--one that should warm the cockles of any rifleman's or pilot's heart. Herein, a young forward air controller gets a taste of life among the grunts. The youngster proves unfamiliar with some Marine nomeclature. it doesn't come back to bite him, fortunately.

Speaking of nomenclature, I need to straigten Blackfive out on a couple of topics:

1. "Zoomies" (aka "Zooms," "Zoombags," "ringknockers," "assholes who usually abandon their Service after the minimum possible stint," and "sons of Generals who will be Generals themselves and know this going in") in Air Force parlance are graduates of the Air Force Academy. This is not a term to use when referring to any AF officer who got his commission from a real source after attending a real college in real America. It is certainly not a term to ever use when referring to an AF enlisted person (unless you want a fight).

2. The "it shows the zoomies are doing their part" bit... Agree, but... Y'know, back in early 2003, when you guys were pinned down during that sandstorm after encoutering your first real resistance from the Iraqis? And the sandstorm lifted and there was nothing left between you and Bagdhad but smoking hulks and the ruts of vehicles headed north at high speed? Remember that? Remember that the Republican Guard just sorta disappeared? Didja ever wonder what happened to them?

Ask the Air Force (and Marine air...and Naval air...)

Don't let this deter you, dear reader--enjoy the whole thing.


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