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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Christian Carnival LXIX

The latest Christian Carnival is up at Semicolon.

Here's a very cool post from a Shirt in Baghdad--reminds me that my burdens, even in the here-and-now, are pretty tame compared with what many are going through. God bless him and all "over there."

Here's another neat post that examines the differences between islam and Christianity, rightly pointing out that the latter has always had a tension between curch and state, but the former is geniunely theocratic.

PS: Sherry: "Vita ab Alto" means "life from above" in ungrammatical Latin.

PPS: Vita ab Alto is in this week's edition. [And there was much rejoicing...]


Sherry from semicolon comments:

I was guessing "life at the highest" or "life to the fullest." Alto means high in Spanish. I obviously don't know any Latin. I did enjoy reading your ideas about the filibuster, though. I think the Republicans ought to just get moving and get a vote. Period. Quit stalling, and quit holding their fire.

I believe it can take the meaning, "life at the highest," as well as "life from on high," which is probably the best translation and certainly agrees with my intent in using it. Not sure, though--my Latin's pretty rusty. Of course, if you know Spanish, you actually know a lot of Latin.
In re the filibuster, roger that. Looks like it may be coming to a head in the next few days over Judge Owen. Quit stalling, as you say.

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